An Inside Scoop: Azzie Miller

     Pictured: Azzie Miller       (Hatch Doula & Postpartum Trainee, Cohort 3)


Pictured: Azzie Miller

(Hatch Doula & Postpartum Trainee, Cohort 3)

"My second prenatal meeting with my second client was the best one yet. It was the first meeting that I got to demonstrate comfort measures that I learned months ago. The client was very excited and ready to go.

The first thing we did after going over her birth plan, was go over the comfort measures using the rebozo. She enjoyed the rebozo over other comfort measures I demonstrated with my hands alone. The second thing we  went over were the contents of my doula bag. She especially enjoyed the fact that chapstick was included inside. I understand that a birthing parents mouth may become chapped in the process. Having gone over these items and positions BEFORE going to the hospital really helps the client and I have a better understanding of what they need from me and what i can potentially expect from them.

In addition to the birthing plan my client and I formulated, we also reviewed what my role is as a doula when labor begins. She and I are very prepared for the new little one and I am very excited for my first birth."