Why Doulas?

The key secret to a Hatch Doula is building relationships. Hatch Doulas may not be able to change their peers' circumstances, but their presence and training help new young parents find their way, their voice and their strength. 

The trainings for Hatch's doulas build life skills in emotional literacy, reliability, and responsibility. Our doula programs builds self-awareness and empathy, while helping participants become more employable and economically self-sufficient. Our emphasis on meaningful skill building and opportunity equips young people with the competence and confidence to positively impact their own lives and the lives of young parents. In doing so, they build a community of empowered peer support.

Hatch’s trainings are uniquely designed to teach emotional literacy and parenting skills, while also building a community of support.

Participants provide emotional, informational, and practical support to parents from pregnancy through early parenting. Our doulas apply evidence-based practices while learning the importance of empathy, trust, emotional understanding, and self-care. Hatch helps spread awareness and knowledge- transforming generations through trusting relationships, peer education, and advocacy. 

Hatch doulas are trained to provide services to people of diverse backgrounds, identities, and life experiences - with a trauma-informed approach. Our goal is to provide competent doula services that are relatable and accessible with doulas who reflect the experiences of the families they serve.

Ongoing mentoring, trainings, groups, peer education and outreach provide our doulas and families with multiple layers of support that continue to grow and adapt to the needs of each person and child.

Hatch also connects participants and parents to existing resources in the greater community to support young people in pursuing their goals and dreams. This includes connections to appropriate educational, vocational, and transitional programs and resources. 

Photo by T-Lab

Photo by T-Lab

“My experience with the Hatch community has shown me to be confident in myself, to be fearless when taking my steps, and to speak without doubt! The Hatch Community is helping me grow into my true person from within. I am apart of the future. I will change lives, and I am someone!"-Angelia, Hatch Doula