Becoming a parent is a significant change in every one's life, but young parents have had less years to prepare and as a result they struggle with economic and housing stability and in accessing the support they need.

Through Hatch, doula services are uniquely accessible to low-income families!


Hatch serves ALL young parents generally under 24 years old, extending significant support to low-income young parents who are transitioning out of the foster care system, survivors of sex-trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation and young LGBTQ families. Hatch welcomes young parents of all religions, races, abilities, gender identities and sexual orientations.

"There is no ageism in this program, everyone brings a wealth of knowledge we can all benefit from. No one is better than another." Moe-Moe 23, Hatch Doula 

Why a focus on serving foster youth? 

Former foster youth face more barriers and obstacles than the general population.

  • 60% become parents within 2 years of leaving care
  • About 80% are NOT fully self-sufficient within 4 years of leaving care
  • 30 % depend on county assisted programs
  • 1 in 4 face homelessness
  • 50% graduate high school
  • 45 % of emancipated youth are unemployed

Trends show that young people who are commercially sexually exploited or have experienced sex-trafficking in the U.S. can also have histories in the foster care system.  Trends also show that some young women are able to leave sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation when they become pregnant. 

Young parents are resilient. And Hatch is a support that draws on their strengths and helps them realize their potential.