Hatch Community Meeting May 17th!


Wednesday, May 17th 5:30pm-7:15pm Panel on Money Management, Networking and Starting a Business

Learn to save money, spend smart or become an entrepreneur: Have you ever wanted to save money, improve your credit score or learn to best navigate EBT fees? Have you ever wanted to start your own business and wondered how to form one? Have you ever felt nervous about talking with a stranger about what you do or struggled with selling a service you are offering? Come to our next Hatch Community Meeting to answer these questions and much more!

There will be 3 panelists: Allison Surowitz, Business Lawyer, discussing business formation, Soniyah Sing, Relationship Coach, discussing networking techniques, and Patricia Johnson, Non-Profit Executive Director, who teaches money skills.

**Dinner and Childcare Included**

(A limited number of Gift Card are given for attendance, if you are a parent or expecting parent under 24. Get in touch if you want more details)

SPACE IS LIMITED PLEASE RSVP: Text or call (510) 250-2883 of email kat@thehatchcommunity.org