Community Meeting on Nutrition May 24th at Mandela Market, Oakland


Wednesday, May 24th 6pm-7:15pm at Mandela Market Place (Near West Oakland Bart Station) 

Nutrition Class - Perinatal and Beyond

by Marina Stankov-Hodge RN, Midwife Apprentice

The fast past city lifestyle can cause us to forget our nutritional needs durring high stress times and and during pregnancy. These are precisely the times these needs should be most important to us. 

The class will focus on nutritional needs in the perinatal period including: prenatal, first, second and third trimesters, postpartum, and nutritional needs to support breastfeeding as well as some information on first foods for baby. The approach considers that, although nutritional needs in pregnancy are slightly different, this is the way that most people should be eating on a regular basis with slight individual modifications.

(A limited number of gift cards are given for attendance, if you are a parent or expecting parent under 24. Get in touch if you want more details)

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