Help Hatch Close with Grace


After 4+ incredible years, Hatch Community will be closing on December 31, 2019. We are so proud of everything we have accomplished and the widespread impact we have had in our community. 

In just four years with an average yearly budget of $65,000…

  • We trained 122 doulas: 42 Birth and Postpartum Doulas, 11 as Little Ones Doulas, 38 as Nurturing Touch Doulas, 25 as Street Doulas and 7 as Mentor Doulas.

  • Our Birth and Postpartum Doulas served over 270 young families.

  • We all provided support, education, outreach and trainings to over 500 more young people and professionals in our community.

After graduating the Birth and Postpartum Doula Program: 2 graduates are homebirth midwife apprentices, 3 are in school to become Nurse Midwives, 2 more are in Nursing School, 11 are finishing college and 9 have found jobs at Planned Parenthood, Early Childhood Programs, and similar jobs working with children or in medical fields. Many of them are still working as doulas and all of them are still supporting families in their lives.

While we have managed to do a lot, we sadly have not been able to secure the funding and partnerships needed to assure our ongoing sustainability. In order to close with grace, and in a responsible way, we need your help. Please help us to raise $10,000 by November 15th

The majority of the $10,000 will go towards paying our peer doulas for providing services to young families through December, with about $4,000 going to final programing for doulas, paying staff and closing costs.  

Everyone who is receiving this email is a valued part of Hatch’s community, and times like these are when community is so important. If 100 people contribute $100 each, we will make it to $10,000!

Together, we can support Hatch with one final donation, and ensure this community continues to thrive even after our doors are officially closed. 

Please contribute donations on our website here. This way donations go directly to us, without additional fees. This also allows us to use these funds raised immediately.  We will keep you updated on how much we raise on Hatch’s Instagram and Facebook, please connect with us!

If you are curious about what more you can do, please share this email and links with your network. With the holidays coming up, this is also a great time to invite friends and family to support with a donation.


Hatch has created lasting waves of impact that lead to self-sufficiency, stronger families, and community wide change. Our mission has been to disrupt cycles of poverty and nurture parent-child relationships; transforming generations through economic opportunity, birth and parenting education and a community of support. 

Our community-based programs supported young people under 25, especially young parents. Through our values of radical inclusivity, honesty, self-love, healing, reciprocal growth and resiliency - Hatch Community created a village around young people and young families. 

  • We built a community that allowed for radical healing of trauma and isolation.

  • We taught young people and young parents radical self-love.

  • We advocated for young parents who are treated wildly differently in our community and lack the support they need with radical honesty

  • We served the whole person with radical inclusivity.

As peer doulas, young people became leaders and role models—inspiring young parents to do the same- all while nurturing themselves, their families and their communities.  

Hatch offered five unique community-based doula programs, including: 

  • Birth/Postpartum Doula Training (perinatal support training program)

  • Little Ones Doulas (unlicensed childcare training)

  • Nurturing Touch Doulas (infant massage and attachment training)

  • Street Doulas (community outreach, transitional support and education)

  • Doula Mentoring Training (post-graduation leadership development)

Hatch Community encouraged success in every aspect of a trainee’s life by teaching evidence-based perinatal care, trauma informed support, tools for facilitating bonding and adjustment in new families, emotional literacy, self-care, and advocacy skills. Through developing soft skills simultaneously with trade skills, Hatch’s doula programs strived to make young people more self-confident and economically self-sufficient. Our doula services created a network of support for and by young families that improved birth and early parenting outcomes through evidence based methods and helped families get off to a powerful start. 

Hatch will continue to run programing and provide doula services to young families until December 31st. 

We can’t thank all of you enough for supporting us along the way. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!!!

If you have any questions or would like to share any of your own memories of Hatch, please reach out to Kat…

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“Hatch taught me skills consciously and unconsciously throughout the program that is reflected in my doula'ing and in my daily life at home and at work. It definitely showed me what accountability was and how it impacts other people. Culturally, accountability is not something that is taken seriously in my family and friends but Hatch has shown me that when you don't take it for granted meaningful relationships are built and trust is earned.” – Chantal (Hatch Doula and Hatch Mentor)


“I would say that Hatch has ultimately affected every aspect of my life. It has changed how I am as a mother, a daughter, a friend, an employee and how I choose to interact with and serve my community. Hatch has taught me that by practicing self-love and care I am most able to support and empower those that I love and want to serve.” - Ayaunna (Hatch Doula and Board Chair)


“Hatch has had the most amazing impact in my life, they have helped me grow into the person I want to keep becoming both professionally and personally. Giving me this responsibility and knowledge to help my career and self. This program gives so much to people it's amazing to see and live through the process.” - Natalia  (Bilingual Hatch Doula)

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